Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Proscriptions

orig. proscribe:

Main Entry: pro·scribe
Pronunciation: prO-'skrIb
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Forms: pro·scribed; pro·scrib·ing
Etymology: Latin proscribere to publish, proscribe, from pro- before + scribere to write

: to condemn or forbid as harmful or unlawful

Source: Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law, © 1996 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

Before there was Nero, before there was Caligula, and before there was Gaius Julius Caesar and the fall of the Republic, there was Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix.

Sulla was a general turned to Dictator of Rome. He had a great career in early life as one of Garius Marius' generals against Jugartha of Numidia, in Africa. And during the Italian war, he showed his military brilliance and outshone both Marius and the consul Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo (the father of Pompey). He became consul of Rome, but had his position undermined by the feeble Marius who wanted to command the war against Mithrades VI of Pontus (in modern day Turkey). He fled Rome after failing to plead with Marius.

He marched his six loyal Italian War veteran legions against Rome. Sulla consolidated his position, ordered death for Marius and a few of his allies and addressed the Senate in harsh tones, portraying himself as a victim, presumably to justify his violent entrance into the city. After some major restructuring of the city's political trends and with the Senate's power strengthened, Sulla returned to his camp and proceeded with the original plan of fighting Mithridates in Pontus.

But Marius was not dead, he had fled to safety in Tunesia. With Sulla out of Rome, Marius began to recover control of the situation. By the end of 87 BC Marius returned to Rome with the support of Lucius Cornelius Cinna (Julius Caesar's father in law). Now back in power, Marius declared Sulla's reforms and laws invalid and Sulla officially exiled. Marius ordered the deaths of many supporters of Sulla, in revenge for the small group of men Sulla had killed.

Determined to regain control of Rome, Sulla marched back to Italy. In 81 BC Sulla marched into Rome - for the second time - at the head of an army and was almost immediately appointed dictator by the Senate, with no limit on time in office.

In total control of the city and its affairs, Sulla instituted a reign of terror, the likes of which had never been seen in Rome before. Proscribing or outlawing every one of his political opponents, Sulla ordered some 1,500 Roman nobles (Senator and Equites) executed. The blood bath went on for months. Romans were executed for any reason or none at all. Helping or sheltering a person who was proscribed was also punishable by death. The state confiscated the wealth of the outlawed, making Sulla (and his supporters) vastly rich. The women and children of the outlawed who weren't killed outright were sold into slavery.

Source: Wikipedia

1970's. Marcos government and Dictatorship.

In 1971, Marcos called for a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of revising the 1935 Constitution. The Convention was composed of 321 elected delegates headed by former Presidents Carlos P. Garcia and Diosdado Macapagal. However, the Convention's image was tarnished by scandals which included the bribing of some delegates to "vote" against a proposal to prohibit Marcos from staying in power under a new constitution.

Marcos' second term was marked by increasing civil strife known as the "First Quarter Storm." After a series of bombings in Manila claimed to have been carried out by the New People's Army of the Communist Party of the Philippines, Marcos warned of imminent Communist takeover. On September 21, 1972, by virtue of Proclamation No. 1081, he declared martial law over the entire country, thereby remaining in office past limits imposed by the 1935 Constitution as amended. By 1973, he had assumed dictatorial control—ushering in a so-called constitutional authoritarianism. Defending his right to rule by decree, if he chose, he asserted that otherwise "you will have Communists going back and forth, causing the dastardly ruin of our country, the killing of people and the rape of women."
Source: Wikipedia

February, 2006. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's government.

THE DEPARTMENT of Justice yesterday released the following list of leftist militants accused by the police of rebellion for allegedly conspiring to overthrow the government.

Source: Inq7.net

Familiar? I honestly think that with all the current political turmoil, history will repeat itself.

During Sulla's dictatorship, he published a list of his enemies and had paid people for any information, arrest, or execution of his "outlaws". Today, Arroyo has published a list of her enemies for arrest and prosecution.

Are we better of today compared to the ancient Romans?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

February 25 - 20th Anniversay of the 1st EDSA Revolution

I'm tired and I have to get sleep I haven't had since Monday night. I've no time for crap. Pray very hard that my mind will be clear by tomorrow. Sleep well.

It's amazing that during when I am trying to accept my shortcomings - short of apologizing to everyone for the slightest transgression I may have done - that I had to send that message last night.

It was to a guy who I thought was honest enough to admit his preference. Unfortunately, though, he had lied not once, but twice in one week. So how can I trust someone who pretends to be what he is not? The nerve of him to ask me out after that! Anyway, I won't be talking about him much anymore. He is but a dot in the volume of my life.

Anyway, I found out that Red Bull won the PBA Title for this last conference. Rico Villanueva is the MVP I think.

Finally, the seminar/lecture is over. I can rest now after two weeks of rushing the project. I just hope the attendees learned something from me.

Executive Order 1017. Philippines Under State of Emergency - Arroyo has declared that the nation is under the state of emergency. Pintulan sila ng nagngingitngit na Arroyo. Serves them right.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A War On Unalertness

I thought yesterday would turn out fine, hindi pala.

It was my sister who woke me up in the morning, nakakahiya because it was quarter to 7. I didn't go to work because I had to have my back checked. It was not until quarter to 10 that I was able to leave because I had to wait for the househelps since they brought the kids to school. I just ate breakfast while waiting.

I learned also from one of the househelps that the dog spread the charcoal on the carpet. Apparently, the door to the lanai was not tightly shut, so the stupid dog stained the carpet with charcoal that. Major shit. I had to clean that up.

After eating, I checked again the carpet to see if the stain was visible. It was. But that wasn't what scared me. Outside, by the pool, a man was sitting near the edge. Akala ko may nakapasok na magnanakaw. It turns out that it was the pool guy and his son (as I later learned). Since I almost had an attack there, I confronted them with these words:

Me: "Manong, bakit hindi kayo nag-doorbell?!"

Pool Guy: "Dati namang hindi kami nag-do-doorbell."

Me: "Kahit na ho. Eh kung sabihin ng ibang tao na magnanakaw kayo?"

And I slammed shut the glass door separating the lanai and and the pool.

It's irritating that they had to sneak in like robbers in broad daylight. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't appreciate that they come to clean the pool. What's making me fuming mad is that they blatantly disregard the privacy of homes. Eh kung sa bahay kaya nila gawin yun, matuwa kaya sila? I know it's their work, pero wala naman bastusan. Also, I was the one left in the house, so whatever happens to the house, it automatically becomes my resposibilty. And I am sure any sane person would have done the same. Besides, my sister knows of the guys many shady dealings, and I think in that aspect or point of view, I am saved.

Anyway, after they left, workmen from the USE arrived. They came to fix the A/C unit in my niece's room. I didn't feel antagonized because they were part of the USE nga, so whatever happens, they would easily be traced. Anyway, what irked me was then when this one guy was checking the unit, he suddenly opened something at the bottom of the unit and water dripped - while my niece's TV was under. Major shiyetskaya. How bobo naman this orc is! Kaya naman pala my sister is so irritated with the Pinoy workforce at the USE, they are so incompetent!!! Their saving grace? The other guy was gwaping. He looks like the guy from the Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) Sex Scandal. Nice bum. I'm just a sucker for a guy with a pretty face.
Anyway, finally, I was able to leave since the househelps already arrived, so there were people who can stay and watch these men work.
I got to my home at 10:30, and then had my sister accompany me to the hospital. The x-ray was done in less than 20 minutes, so we left. She went home, and I went to SM Manila, to check the outlet there. Actually, to check someone in the outlet there. :D
Anyway, I met a friend also and we talked and then I went home because it was already late na rin.
Hmm. I'm planning to watch Brokeback Mountain and Memoirs of a Geisha this weekend. Anyone? :D Sana lang yung sasama, huwag maging isang MALAKING DROWING na SAKIT LANG SA ULO!!!
More posts tomorrow and Saturday, so keep readin'.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Once In A Lifetime

Siguro sawa na kayong lahat sa kantang ito. Ako, hindi pa eh.

Cuando anochezca ( When the night falls )
Te esperare ( I will wait for you )
Quiero volverte loco esta noche ( I want to drive you crazy tonight )
Con La luna llena ( With the full moon )
Te esperare ( I will wait for you )
Hoy moriras entre mis brazos ( Today you will die in my arms )
Nunca sonaste algo igual ( You never dreamed about something like this )

When you're near me, I close my eyes,
I want to feel you by my side
When you kiss me, I close my eyes,
I want you by my side

When I realize there's no telling lies,
Then I know it once in a lifetime
Making love to you, every time it's new,
You know you're my once in a lifetime

Todo tu cuerpo temblara ( All your body will tremble )
Pero esta vez, es realidad ( But this time it will be real )
Aunque el tiempo pase ( Though time passes by )
Nunca, nunca lo olividaras ( You will never,never forget it )
Sera ( It will be )
Solo una vez en tu vida ( Only once in your lifetime )

When you touch me, I burn inside,
Colder chills run down my spine
When you take me, it's hot in love,
- Can't get enough!

When I realize there's no telling lies,
Then I know that once in a lifetime
Making love to you, every time it's new,
You know you're my once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime

Giving all I've got, I'm your love-me-not,
You're my lover, once in a lifetime
Taking care of you, every time it's new,
You know you're my once in a lifetime

(When you're by my side and I want you hot)
(When I close my eyes then i touch the skies)
(When I realise there's no telling lies)
(Making love to you Everytime it's new)

When you're near me,cant get enough
Once in a lifetime

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's Been Months, JD

And I see that you're still wearing that pendant on your chest.

For the ONE That Got Away

Kamusta Ka
by: Freddie Aguilar

Kumusta ka aking mahal
Sana ay nasa mabuti ka
Sana'y iyong naririnig
Baka ka magising.

Mga gabing mapaglahad
Dinadaan sa awit
Nalulungkot kong damdamin
Naaliw na rin.

Chorus:Panaginip ko'y laging ikaw, sinta
Kahit na dilat yaring mata
Kahit na malayo ka'y
Parang kapiling ka
Mahal, kumusta ka.

Malalim pa itong gabi
Malamig ang simoy ng hangin
Kung mayayakap lamang kita
Lamig ay di madadama.

Repeat Chorus:
Kumusta ka aking mahal
Sana ay nasa mabuti ka
Ako'y wag mong intindihin
Nakaraos din.


Kumusta ka aking mahal

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Purging

The company's having a major shake-up for the past few months. The management is trying to weed out inefficient employees who are hampering progress.

Actually, ganoon naman talaga dapat. But what if people you believe can not be uprooted are part of the casualties? Take for example, DM and Kalbo.

In the case of Kalbo, it would be understandable and about time. Just like Cassandra Ponti, it takes him 30 minutes to answer a simple yes or no question, but still ends up not giving a either a yes or a no. He's a contradiction of contradictions, an irony of ironies, and "a half-wit with nothing good to say but mumbo-jumbo" (rephrased quote from my boss). I've written about him before, so I think it would be pointless to waste good space for all his short-comings. Anyway, to have an idea of how much his "influence" had diminished, think of a lucious, fresh-baked apple pie cut into four parts. That represents his power. Now, take away three-fourths and give it to someone else, say, a girl in her late 30's. Ganoon kalaki ang nawala sa kanya. Total loss of confidence.

DM's case is different. Actually, I thought differently about him because his ties with my boss go back to his young life. He is both a highschool and college scholar of my boss' foundation, among the first of many. Sayang talaga. The problem was he ignored the company policy regarding company property - notably, cash. Nadamay lang naman si DM dahil sa kagaguhan ni Kalbo, so I've heard.

There's actually a third person in the whole scene for it to be complete, but it's best to leave him out because I don't know him, and he's not here anymore. What was significant about his expulsion was that he just signed his promotion less than a week before the incident. Gago, ano?

Back to DM. I was at the office in ParaƱaque yesterday, gathering information for the lecture that I am going to give to the personnel there soon. I searched his computer for pictures, under the My Pictures folder of My Documents. Guess what I saw? There's a picture of one of my ex-officemate at the call center I used to work for, let's call him Tony. I got curious and asked DM about the photo. (By the way, DM was at the province.) You know what DM said to me?

"Ikaw ha, huwag mo na naman akong intrigahin diyan." Please take note of the words in bold.

To be honest, I can feel DM was on the defensive. Hindi ka naman ma-iintriga kung walang iintrigahin sa iyo, DM. The incident furthered my suspicion: Tony might be a guy for hire. The signs were there ever since I first saw him drunk about two years ago. Gosh, I'm actually friends with a real man-whore! Only if my gut feel is true, but it usually is. And not that I want him. Eww, ano, latak? :D

The positive things I saw regarding the incident are: an efficient system, and mawawalan na ng kakampi si Snake dito sa opisina. Masama ako, pero ganon talaga.

Actually with DM's leaving, I'm afraid that his job will fall unto me. I already have my hands full, and I don't think that I'd be able to handle more. *shudder* Damn.

Ano nga ba yung trabahong nakita ko sa Dubai ....

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Many Shades of Red

I've renamed my blog to an entirely more appropriate title: The Many Shades of Red. Why deal with another color when I clearly have nothing to wish for with 99 Yellow Cars now?

Confusing? You bet. Actually I was tempted to use Painting the Town Red, but I'm not a famous person so I settled with that.

Moving on. I was with Ennui last night, together with his friend, "la Nurse". We ate dinner at Pancake, to celebrate late the birthday of Ennui. I can say that it was great. (Thanks Ennui!)

I left early also. I watched the prelims of Am Idol, and it's a good thing some of my bets got in. The Black twins were annoying, I hope they get booted out early.

After my bath, I tried to sleep but I wasn't able to. I was sending SMS to Ennui, and he was awake with la Nurse at KFC People Support. I think that was 1 AM today. I think it was 2:30 am when I finally dozed off. But I had to wake up early also because we have a monthly meeting today. Honestly, I don't feel like I lacked sleep at all.

The reason why I can't sleep is that I've been thinking about the door of that ghost show on Star World, and the scene of the Exorcist movie where the bed moved, and finally the Constantine movie where they trapped the demon on a big mirror. The room where I am currently staying at has a big mirror, and it's scaring the shit out of me. Scaredy cat, I know.

Anyway, I guess that would be all for now.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pieces II - Fyucking and Shiyetskaya

Ano ba. Wala naman akong mai-sulat. I can't think of anything to write down right now. Wait, is write correct? I think it's more of type. Fyucke.

I was watching Am Idol on Star World last night. Ang mga gago, nung commercial, ipinakita ba naman yung ghost hunting (or haunted house yata yon) episode nila where the door suddenly opened. Fyucke, eh mag-isa pa naman ako sa room. Shiyetsakaya talaga. Super bokot. Nilipat ko tuloy sa ABC 5.

Finals ng PBA. Purefoods vs. Red Bull. They were playing on overtime. James Yap, Kris Aquino's boyfriend, is playing for Purefoods. But of course I'm rooting for Red Bull simply because of Enrico Villanueva. He's been my crush ever since I first saw him in his second-to-the-last UAAP season. I think his monicker is "The Raging Bull". Well, that says A LOT.

He he he. Hindi naman obvious na fan ako? Look at the size of those legs. :D

Anyway, back to work na ako.

Monday, February 06, 2006


To the family of Phanksmaster for her lola.

To all families who lost a loved one during the Saturday morning WOWOWEE Stampede.


Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition

Top row (L-R): Angelina Calina (TV Host), Christian Vasquez (Actor/Model), Aleck Bovick (Sexy Actress), John Prats (Actor), Bianca Gonzales (Host/TV Personality), Zanjo Marudo (Underwear Model), Roxanne Barcelo (TV Personality)

Bottom row (L-R): Rico Robles (Uber Cute DWRX 93.1 DJ), Keanna Reeves (Controversial Escort Girl), Budoy Maraviles (Reggae/Rapper Artist), Mich Dulce (Avant-Garde Fashion Designer), Rustom Padilla (Actor/Beautician), Gretchen Malalad (SEA Games Athlete/Beauty Queen), Rudy Fernandez (Para-Athlete).

Although mixed, I think they should've gotten a wider variety. For example, replace Christian Vasquez with a painter/theater performer, or Bianca Gonzales with a showbiz writer. Things like that. But as it is, I have to accept this roster.

Anyway, here are my forgettables: Budoy, Keanna, Roxanne, Angelina, Christian, Aleck, John.

Predictions? Candidates for top prize: Rustom, Gretchen, Rico, Bianca, Mich. Why? They're all smart.

But we never know, so keep watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition.

Photos, names care of www.pinoybigbrother.com.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

I Was Absent Yesterday

Because I had some problems with my stomach. I just stayed home. For those of you who missed me, I missed you, too. Muah. :D

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pieces I

Last night, I did something which I haven't done in six months: write on a journal. Probably most of you are asking why I did that. I'm not being selfish. I just wrote down my innermost thoughts and the same old questions I have yet to find answers to. Gasgas na? Probably. But I haven't felt this "stable" or content ever since I last talked to Ennui, and that was some oh-so-many-years-ago.

Anyway, I watched American Idol last night. This is the first time I did so. I think Ryan Seacrest is cute. And Simon Cowell was just, uhm, annoyingly loveable. :D

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's February

It's still cold. It's the shortest month of the year. It's where Valentine's Day falls. Hay.