Monday, February 26, 2007

Ms. Barubal

Wednesday morning. I got some food for my 10 AM snack. I was sitting here in front of my computer when suddenly, this substitute secretary for the sales department Grasya* (Filipinized true name) barge into my "cubicle".

Grasya: Kainin naman natin ito? (Hawak ang snack food.)
Ako: Ah mamayang 10 ko pa kakainin yan.
Grasya: Ang damot mo naman.

Grasya is the kind of Pinoy who's crass, tactless, and with no breeding. As in barubal talaga.

I cannot fully explain why I don't like that kind of person. There's a very, very fine line between frankness and tact, and I learned it the hard way, di ba Ennui? Sadly, most Pinoy cannot and does not know the difference.

Rough breeding really does make me cringe.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thinking of Retribution

This entry is long overdue.

As I've said, one of the househelps of my sister # 4 has passed away. So we are left with the other katulong that I really don't like.

Anyway, they've been wanting me to make peace and talk to her, but the thing is, I don't see any point. My sister is trying to flex her "muscle" to force to do something that I really don't want to. I think she is going to ask me to leave if I don't. I think I'm ready to move out, since there had been no rest, privacy, and respect for me ever since I stepped there.

I'm partially to blame because I decided to stay at her place. I could have moved out before, but my "condition" and some lifestyle issues prevented me from doing so. Honestly, I really don't want to go back to our house in SJ. Lagi akong stressed duon, lalo na with the heat. I think it's going to hit an all time high, so I need to cool down.

If my sister asks me to leave, I think I wouldn't have any qualms about that.

Ang issue ko lang is that they're giving attention to someone who isn't part of our so-called family. I mean, bastusin ka na nga ng isang walang kwentang katulong, sila pa ang nag-i-insist na ako ang kumausap. That part I really don't understand. It angers me because I feel as if my person is bypassed. I know she's really not my full-blooded sister, but can't she at least see my point? She has asked our mom to talk to me about it.

Even I am angry at my mom for her past decisions, and I've told her about it. But she insists on shrugging it off; she wants me to forget about her doings in the past. Up until now, I can't forget what she has done.

I need some form of retribution to at least save my face, and to hurt them where it hurts most.

At night I wonder what went wrong. I wonder how they could ever respect my decisions and actions. Because inside, I'm already hurting.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Random Stuff 1

From someone else's blog:

1. Grab the nearest book

2. Open book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post text of sentence on your blog. Please include book and author along with these instructions.

5. No digging about for the "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! (I know you were thinking about it!) Just pick up whatever is closest.

None of my friends would fear any such thing.
- The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold

Skinny Models Question


What's your take on the fashion industry's ban on super skinny models, and why? (Siyempre dapat may , and why? pa.)


Phanksmaster: Bagsak ang fashion taste ko. Hehe. (Siya na ang umaming walang fashion taste.)

Ennui: I agree that there should be healthier standards to weight and beauty but they can all be fat as well. Painful as it sounds, majority of guys find a girl with no flabs sexier but to most, a pretty face is better. Pero since fashion is about clothers, we're talking about bodies and less face. For gals and gays, majority find muscles sexy so why ban hot steamy musclemen di ba? Whatever. Ha ha ha. (Panalo na sana, pero biglang nag-seguey.)

In an industry that uses fantasy to sell ideas and ideals, it's a brave move to act on an industry standard. The truth is clothes fall better on reed-thin girls.. (Winner!)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Paalam, Ate Kuki

Kuki is one of my sister #4's househelps. She's the one who prepares our meals.

She's been suffering from asthma, but she believed that it was caused by voodoo done against her by their neighbor in the province. She didn't had her illness checked by the doctor because she was afraid of needles.

I found out that her lungs collapsed, and the she was DOA at the hospital.

The morning of the day she passed away, she even asked me to buy her medicines. That was the last time that I'd saw her alive. She sent me a text message also at 3 PM reminding me of her medication.

She passed away around 5 PM on February 10, 2007.

It's sad to know that God takes the good people away that easily.

I thank her for becoming part of our lives.

Paalam, Ate Kuki.


Her death made me concerned of my own health. I really have to watch out from this point on.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Miss Universe and the "..., and why?" Questions

Actually, this entry is inspired by Wanda's writing.

Tandaan, na pag ang question ay nagtatapos sa "..., and why?" ay pwede ng pang Miss U.

Gaya ng:

"If you were stranded on an island, and why?"


"If a man from the moon landed in your hometown, and why?"

Nakakalurkey, da ba?



On my way home last night, I was thinking of God(?) Save Our King! when I realized that four of my crushes (uh, so high school :D) have eye glasses.

Hindi ko naman actually napansin agad. Of course, I like them for something else, so I think it's coincidence. But actually, I guess the glasses add their own appeal. Daniel Radcliffe looks good with glasses on.

Oh, di ba? Hotness!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pangarap Ka

bakit ako nagselos sa 'yo kagabi?

pangarap ka
[karel marquez]

minsan pa, nang ako'y papalayo,
hindi ko alam na ika'y tutugon
sa mga tanong na aking nabitawan
hindi ko alam na ito'y totoo

pangarap ka,
sa bawat sandali
langit man ang tingin ko sa 'yo sana'y marating...


hanggang dito nlng yata,
ang kaya kong gawin
pangarap nalang at bumulong sa hangin
kailan kaya darating muli
ang isang sandali
na akoy lilingon muli

pangarap ka
o tinig mong kay lambing
ang iyong mga ngiti'y
na sa akin ay nakapag bigay pansin
ngunit ikaw pa'y isang pangarap lang.....

ohh ohh ohhh..yeah.....

pangarap ka
o tinig mong kay lambing
ang iyong mga ngiti'y
na sa akin ay nakapag bigay

pangarap ka
o tinig mong kay lambing
ang iyong mga ngiti'y
na sa akin ay nakapag bigay pansin

Two Years Ago, My Journey Began ...

Yeah I know it's supposed to be "three years ago", but who cares! I'd be singing it that way next year.

Anyway, it's been two years to the date yesterday since I joined my present company. Tagal na rin pala. Who would imagine that I would last that long here, a place where backstabbers are social climbers, and the most plastic persons would be a managers. Nice, huh? My table is still a mess, and I still play the same songs over Winamp. Workload has been reduced, but that's kinda insignificant, and now my work deviates from my work description. Nice, huh? Talk about being a corporate slave. Nice, huh?

Happy 2nd anniversary to moi!