Thursday, March 23, 2006

Missing My Friends

Sa totoo lang, I miss my friends. I miss going out with them, especially at night. But the problem is, I'm too exhausted to go out. Itutulog ko na lang. But lately I've also been having less sleep. Mayroon man, sobrang babaw. Kainis.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Worms, Wishes

This computer that I've been using has been infected with several worms and Trojans. Cyberspace can't fucking seem to have enough of them. It's a good thing that I was able to fix the problem. Para akong nabunutan ng tinik.
Sana Holy Week na, para makapahinga naman ako.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


It's a Saturday afternoon, and I'm still at work. This the only time that I could write here because now I am juggling between two functions here at the office.

There's nothing much to say, really. Yesterday, I was emotionally and physically low, and so I wasn't able to write here. I was texting and talking to some people, but I fell asleep. Now they're "mad". I can't help it, I'm just exhausted.

Anyway, last Wednesday, I was with my friend, let's call him F. Well, I had to go with F because we had to get the pants my sister had had sewn. Unfortunately, the sewer wasn't there, so I ended up going with F to his house. You know what, I was really surprised with what I see. This topic is kind of sensitive, because some of my friends here know who F is.

F got worse when treating his family. He would boss his mom and his niece around. Like when he wanted a small plastic bag for his swatches, he ordered his niece even if the place where the plastics are kept was nearer to him. He would order them as if they were nothing but katulongs. And you could feel the tension between him and his sister.

Bigla naman akong na-guilty. Because sometimes I order my sister and mom around, but not to the extent of what F is doing.

Actually, I can't judge F right now. Maybe this is his form of revenge for something done against him in the past. Or, worse, his "fame" (well, his works [designs] are published and he's got a lot of clients) got into his head. Whatever it is, I wish that he clears his head and treat his family better.

Anyway, to my textmates and friends who are all trying to contact me: sorry for the delayed reply. I didn't mean to. Ganito pala ang feeling pag kinarir ang trabaho.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Wonder Katulong

I should how written this last Saturday so that my emotions would have been raw. By fate, I had to pass two days to let things cool down so I can write this down in a simpler and objective way.

This entry is all about the new katulong of my ate: Cookie. She's the 30-something katulong of my sister.

Anyway, I am irritated of her.

Last Friday, March 10, there was a gethering of sorts at my sister's house. The attendees were her subordinates at the USE and one or two "business partners" of the USE regarding housing. Anyway, I arrived early so that I could help prepare.

There was one point that I was standing by the sink, and she was also there washing some utensils. I clearly overheard her say:

"Puro na lang lababo ang tao dito." Then shaking her head sideways.

So I was surprised about what she said, not knowing if it was meant to be heard by her. I wanted to reply "Ate, may handaan ngayon, obvious ba. At trabaho mo yan." but decided against it because I wanted my sister to catch her say other words like what she just said.

And then there was one point where I was eating, and the other maid and she were washing some of the used pots, pans, and plastic container. She said something in Ilocano. She must have forgotten that I understand. I think she said, "Mahirap talagang kumita ng pera."

And the last thing that irritated me was when I was transferring the barbeque on a plate, and then she said, "[r3dguy], hindi mo tinignan yung lasagna." In my shock, I looked at her incredolously and said, "Ate, may ginagawa ako." And I know that my sister heard and saw my reaction.

When my sister left the kitchen, I heard Cookie apologize in a sarcastic way. I don't like it when people are not sincere when they apologize. She said she is frank and she just says what she wants to say.

Not in this case, though.

Analyzing her words and actions, I know na napahiya si Cookie. And frank? I don't think so. There's a big difference between being frank and being tactless and crass. And Im'm sure Cookie is the latter.

I don't have anything against katulongs with grudges. I have mine, too. Ang sa akin lang. Sana ilagay niya sa lugar. Alam naman niyang may handaan eh, expected na talaga todohan ang kitchen.

Some people naman talaga, oo.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Siguro nga, lahat ng pangit na umaga ay may kapalit na maganda.

I woke up late today, risking the ire of my sister. Gising na rin naman ako ng 5:30 AM, but for some reason the clock-radio showed 6:55, and the sun was peaking through the curtains beside my bed. I found out that everyone was already up. Seeing one of the maids being her snotty self, I decided to leave immediately without eating breakfast.

While on the cab, I checked my phone to see if anyone of my textmates the night before had sent any message. As usual, I received none from anyone. I am seriously thinking of leaving mobile phones for good. Really. Or at least the non-essentials.

When I got to the office, I immediately tried to finish the payroll. I was over half-way through, when KALBO came. Like what he has done in the past few months that I've been with the company, he asked me to open his report from a diskette. It is unfortunate, though, that my Win XP does not recognize his diskette. So, he had me scan his report, which was double work since I had to transfer it to a CD-R pa.

I mean it's okay naman if I had to do that, kaso pinasa niya less than an hour before the start of the monthly meeting. At nag-e-expext siya na maganda kalalabasan nun? I can do it, pero 'di ako tanga. I won't risk ruining my reputation just for the sake of his fukcing report.

Anyway, tapos late pa dumating yung ka-partner ko para mag-report.

But the thing that made up for all that was when my boss asked me to stand and recognized me for the training that I did.

And Snake Eyes gave me another of her "killer" looks - doens't affect me though.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I Feel Bloated

From eating too much, and yet somehow I managed to digest and flush them out of my body this morning. But I can still feel the bad oils and toxins, and sometimes when I look at the mirror, I look okay but I'm not inside.

I ate a light dinner last night, so I woke up at 3 this dawn feeling as if the HCl (hydrochloric acid) is finally digesting the inner walls of my stomach.
How do I get rid of the things that is poisoning my body?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Memoirs of a Brokeback Mountain Geisha

I've seen both films - Brokeback Mountain and Memoirs of a Geisha - and I like them. I watched alone of course, so that I could concentrate. I think Brokeback Mountain deserves the win for the Academy Awards, but Heath Ledger (Ennis del Mar) is not going to win the Best Actor award, I think. Jake Gyllenhaal was superb though.

Fearless forecast: if there are no other movies like Brokeback and Geisha, Malate's Halloween parties would be filled with Pinoy Cowboys/Cowgirls, and people wearing kimono.

Finally, Rustom Padilla admitted that he is gay. See link here. But somehow his method of admission just doesn't work for me.