Saturday, May 27, 2006

Divang Driver

I was almost late for work Thursday morning, and so I had to ride a cab. I was glad that the cab had a good sound system, and the song that I heard was from Beyonce (I think.) It was followed by JLo. And then by Madonna's Papa Don't Preach. Okay, it was getting creepy. I checked in front for the radio station, but I found out that he was playing a CD.

I just told my self, "Divang-diva itong driver na ito." Ha ha ha.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Black Out

No, it's not about the elelctrical thing. I really blacked out - as in literally fainted. It happened last May 10.
I went to the doctor and found out that all my vital signs are okay. They concluded that it was probably caused by lack of sleep and fatigue, because admittedly, I've been working overtime from the 3rd to the 9th of this month.
At dahil na rin sa mga pasaway na mga tao sa warehouse. Mga peste sila.
So now, I'm taking things more slowly and I've been sleeping earlier, though that means that I also wake up earlier: at 3:30 AM.
Monja! told me that I probably passed my treshhold already. But what can I do, wala namang gagawa kung hindi ako kikilos.
Na-guilty na rin ang Personnel Manager na puro personal ang inaatupag. Ngayon, tumutulong na siya sa akin, kahit kaunti. Like a 1% increase in her work. I heard that our Accounting and our Vice President already talked to her. Wala rin naman effect.