Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Dude, kala ko tibo."

Sinabi yan ni [Randy] nung nasa call center pa ako. Galing kasi ako ng lunch at yosi break noon. Since it was raining outside and cold inside the floor, I was wearing this reddish brown jacket to warm me. I'm not sure if he realized that I heard it.

Mukha ba akong tibo?

War Within

Maybe it's my constant need to keep myself occupied and out of my "stupor" that prompted me to contact him, that is, reply to his messages. I said to myself a few months ago that I am going to distance myself to avoid getting hurt again. And yet last night, there has been much effort not to be glad to have seen and talked to him. And I guess he was happy also, because he blushed. Or was it just me?

Parang mali. Tama ba ang ginagawa ko? Should I convince myself that the only reason why I talked to him was that I needed something from him? Have I gone cold? Should I deny the fact that I miss him most?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

When I'm Happy...

I can't write. That is why you haven't read from me for the past few days.

There's been a lot of things that keep me in this state. It is unfortunate, though, that they are the same things that I'd rather keep to myself.

Maybe when I have the time, I will write all about it.