Tuesday, January 11, 2005

It's Quiet Here

I have finally resigned from my work as a call center agent. Frankly, it's liberating, at the same time, I am still trying to adjust to a life and a job wherein I don't have to work at nights. It's a day job, so I guess I could say I am back to work.

I have decided to make this public because that is what Blogs are for - so everyone can see what's inside my demented mind. I am idle right now because the new job had demanded much of me: the president has given me time to pass my requirements, a list that they should have given me last year. And now they blame me for not working on it? Oh, c'mon.

I spent the last days at Vigan with Ferdi and Karla. Staying there was nice, it was quiet, but not in a spooky kind of way. I got to relax. We went to the beach, and now my sun-burnt skin is peeling.

What else to write? Well, since it's quite late (by my standards), I'm just going to continue this some other day. I still have to decided whether I am going to share my journals here. (Yes, I do have journals).

Gosh, I Feel Weird

I feel so weird today. Maybe it's lack of sleep?

I went to get my COE at OSMA today, and then I brought it to Makati.

I feel as if I am missing something right now.

I have to go to Makati tomorrow at 9 AM.

I feel stupid writing here.