Wednesday, January 31, 2007

End of January

And I'm bored.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hot Treat

Last night I was at ennui's place. He celebrated his birthday early. His crumpet arrived, together with his closest friends, and of course, me. Oh, our friend [mark] was also there! It's been a while since I last saw him.

Anyway, ennui ordered pizza for us. Kinda yummy.

But what was more yummy was Ryan Carnes. He's in the Allan Brocka film "Eating Out" that we watched. He's hotter than the lead guy(s).


I 'heart' Ryan Carnes.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Staring Game

Traffic along P. Tamo was horrendous last night. It turns out that there was an armored car that fell from the flyover and crashed onto two other vehicles. I think there were people dead. Anyway, it took me like one and a half hours of travel time from Buendia to EDSA. And I said yesterday that I'd like to be home early, hay.

I was tempted to get off the jeepney, but there was this cute guy beside the driver whom I had a staring game with.

At first I didn't notice him because I was trying to settle down on the seat. And after a few minutes, I did notice him, as I was peering through the window in front to check why the vehicles weren't moving. Then I caught him looking at me. I thought he was another flambouyant gay, but actually I'm not sure about that.

I really wasn't interested with him since I thought that his nose was unproportionately wide. I tried to get glances of him on the overhead mirror, but his face wasn't showing there. I think he caught me looking at him using instead the side mirror.

Then I noticed that he's light complexioned, short haired, and had nice eyes. It was dark and full against his face. He's also got a stud on his left ear. He was also japorms, I think his choice of polo suited him, though.

It was a staring game. We were trying to catch the one who was looking at the other. We were like that the whole time. But you know what, it wasn't only thrice that we stared at each other.

He got off the vehicle earlier than I. So I saw him walking away, and concluded that this guy may either be a PLU, a really straight good-looking guy or a guy for pick-up. He looked okay, though.

In any case, I can't put him or his stare off my mind right now.

I have to thank the traffic for that, no matter how morbid the thought may be.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Discrimination by Affiliation

I'm wondering why there seems to be a lot of people in the streets today, compared to the same time on other days. Made me cranky. Hay.

I'm acquainted with a certain [RoT] in a popular forum. Based from his posts, I think that he had just admitted to being gay, or at least bisexual. Anyway, I was interested with most of his posts so one day I decided to send him a message, and that is where it all started.

Last December, people from the thread decided to have a WEB (wholesome eye-ball, but for me it was a GSEB, ha ha). I was supposed to go but wasn't able to (see previous entry). I think this year they planned another one, but things got out of hand.

I learned from Joms that apparently, they had an issue regarding the meeting place. To cut it short, there is a division (again) in the ranks of the AP people.

As it is, the group is divided into two: those in the league of [RoT], and those who belong to the friends of Joms' friend, [macd].

Last Saturday, I got a message from [RoT] that he wanted to meet me if ever I was at Glorietta. He was there together with some of the posters in the forums, his friends. I told him that I cannot go there since I was at the tourney. Well, he said we'd meet next time instead.

Anyway, come Monday, I asked him through YM who he was with that Saturday. His reply was that he was forbidden by his friends to name them.

I think from there I got the message. They are excluding me because I know Joms, and Joms is a good friend of the one that they had some sort of issue.

This is clearly a case of discrimination by affiliation.

I maybe Joms' friend, and Joms may be the friend of [macd], but I think he should not think that we share the same views because first of all, I do not really know what their feud is all about, and second, I don't know who [macd] is.

Oh, well. It ain't no problem of mine, now, girlfriend!


August 13, 2006
1:32 PM



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I received this message last year. I've been meaning to post it and yet I never did find time. Anyway, I wonder if this is a scam? If it is, then I think Citifinancial or Globe should investigate.

Friday, January 19, 2007

To Meet the Bargain

I'm writing this entry not because I'm doing a character assassination. I'm doing this because I want to vent out my frustration and utter disappointment.

I have a "friend", let's call him [G]. He and I belong to the same hobby group. I met him nearly a year ago. He introduced himself as an owner of a shop somewhere over at UM that caters to our hobby. I was impressed at first since I thought that to own a shop at that young age would mean that he has a good outlook at life. We met over at McDo Pasong Tamo. He was with his girlfriend then.

In the next few weeks I got to know him more. And one day, he brought me to this shop in Glorietta where players, enthusiasts, and hobbyists like us spend their afternoons and evenings playing and trading.

Along that line, I got to know his "teammates". I was intimidated, of course. I got this "Sino 'yan?" and "Ano'ng ginagawa niya rito?" looks from them. But, in time, I was able to blend in and actually capture their trust and confidence.

So they started to talk.

At first I inquired where [G]'s shop was located. I was surprised because they said that [G] didn't own a shop. I insisted, of course, that [G] adamantly claimed that he did own it, or at least it was a consignment. I said that [G] told me it was over at UM. That's when I got answers.

It turns out that the shop is actually owned by a certain MG (who now happens to be a very good friend of mine.) Even ICD, also a shop owner and a good friend also, was surprised. Both are supposedly "teammates" of [G]. I learned more of his transactions with them. I found out that he owes them a considerable amount. That's why MG hasn't been really "close" to [G].

That's where my problem with [G] started.

Last year he heard that there were also shops in Morayta. So since he and his live-in partner are living near UST (near Morayta), he decided to visit the shops. And since late last year, he hasn't shown his face at Glorietta. Why, you ask?

He's got a new "victim" in the person of Alex (who is cute he he he). Now he's calling Alex's shop his shop also. I learned that he decided to "consign" again, and that he's got a binder at that shop.

Last December 2006, [G] borrowed money from me, promising that he'd give it back as soon as he gets his salary on the 30th. Even if I knew that that would be impossible since it's the holidays, I gave some leeway and decided to ask back for it early this year.

Considering that he earns more than I, I asked him why he's didn't have money at that time (after the 15th day salary, 13th month bonus, Christmas bonus, commission from sales of his output). So he confided that he bought three to four boxes of the cards, so that would amount to at least .... more than his salary? Kaya pala. I told him a piece of my mind that day. I said that three to four boxes is expensive, even for him, hindi naman lahat ng oras eh may sales ang report niya. He replied that's he budgeting naman daw.

You know why he's got the nerve to be a spendthrift? It turns out that his live-in partner is mayaman. One time we had a discussion about his relationship (they recently had a pregnancy scare), and he said that hindi naman siya pababayaan ng family ng girlfriend niya. I was like, the hell?

Anyway, last night he and I met, and as usual, he had his girlfriend as his security blanket. I was also asked by ICD to get cards from [G], so it really was a business thingee. Come to think of it, it was pure business since day one I met [G].

I got paid, but not in full, since ICD got the cards so he's going to be the one to pay me the rest.

After this incident, I don't think that I'd be doing much business with [G] anymore. Don't get me wrong, mabait naman si [G]. It's just that it's hard to have a deal or trade with him, because he doesn't or has difficulty meeting his end of the bargain.

Sure, I'm not a saint, I've had my own share of financial troubles. But I am paying them off, one by one. But at least I apologize to my creditors for having taken so long to pay. (Ennui, how much do I owe you? Ha ha ha.)

One thing good came out from meeting his all this time, though. I got to know other people and in a way it has expanded my social circle, if even in the teeniest possible bit. I do get to enjoy my hobby at the same time.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Feeling Amidala

Last night as I was on my bed, staring at the ceiling (for the nth time), I took time to think of the life that I had. It's been quite some time since I last stayed in my home, and I actually miss my pamangkins, no matter how kulit they are.

Even though I am healthy, it felt as though I losing the will, the reason, to live. I'm not afraid to die, because I already did before. And that even changed my life forever.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Channelnewsasia Cutie

His name is Timothy W. Go, and an anchor at Channel News Asia. He's also got his own show, that's IT, on the same channel.

He's Pinoy but based in Singapore and he travels a lot. Recently his show went to the US.

He is described on the website ( as a technophobe, which I believe is wrong since he's not afraid of gadgets. On the contrary, he says that he can't live without technology.

Quotable quote:

I am the Imelda Marcos of mobile phones. It's in the Filipino blood to hoard items, my mom loves to collect shoes, Dad collects DVDs and I am now a proud collector-in-the-making of Cell phones."


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 In Review

In my humble opinion, 2006 has been the best year so far in my adult life.

For my social life: I met a whole lot of people outside of the PLU scene in 2006. Although not in the direction that I truly wanted, I believe what happened is better than expected. These are the people I believe I can better relate with since we share a common passion and interest with Magic cards.

That doesn't mean that I haven't met PLUs. It's just that they are a big disappointment, so no need to explain more.

Regarding my career: I'm still overworked and still underpaid. But I'm thinking of relaxing my attitude towards work a bit. Changes had been made here at work, and though I didn't like some of it, I think it was necessary.

Lovelife: Still a big disappointment.

This year, I'll strive to meet more people.

I'm also open finishing my studies somewhere else, to get a diploma so that I can resign here and work abroad or get a better paying job (yes, I am open to that now.)

Lovelife not important.