Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Perhaps, for me, is a poetic word. It conveys a lot of meaning, both hidden and shown.
It evokes a lot of emotion. It's neither a yes nor a no, and not even a maybe.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Weekend

It started Friday. As with previous Fridays, I drop by Glorietta to look for cards that I need or simply hang out with friends and other players of M:tG. The usual guys were there, and buying/trading was heavy because of upcoming tourneys on Saturday and Sunday. Well, I was able to get cards, but mostly for my collection and friends who need them.

My uber crushes were there, thank goodness. As in I think kumpleto sila. Then came GT who brought along his cousin and his friend Alex from Manila. Alex is hot. He's got red lips, he's tall, gwapo, and ganda ng tindig. Too bad I wasn't able to talk to him. Pero grabe, at least I know him.

"Mike" was there. He invited me to puff some yosi, to which I obliged despite having a respiratory problem (it's the second time I joined him in four days). Anyway, he was selling his cards because, according to him, he broke his girlfriend's 3G Nokia phone and had to pay up. Well, I took one card at a very low price the other day, and he was able to sell some of the cards also when we got back to the shop (I think that was Wednesday). Well, last Friday, he said that he lost the rest of the cards he was selling last Wednesday that was at least more than Php 2,000. Well, that's too bad.

I forgot to write the other day that he was also the one who invited me for a drink. And probably from most of his stories, he's planning to go inside a girlie bar. (Shivers).

JM was there, in his usual tight-fitting, black baby-like T-shirt. He went to practice his deck, and to look for cards also. Still cute. He let me borrow some cards I needed for my own deck.

Jon was there, and he was being his flirty self. He he he.

Boring ba sila?

Saturday. I was absent for work, well, actually it was a vacation leave for one day. I joined the other guys at the Galleria for the tourney. Damn, there were a lot of cute guys there! I mean seriously! May dumating pa nga na obvious na nagwo-work-out. Ganda na upper body niya, pero napaka-skinny ng legs. Eww.

Anyway, to cut it short, I had a 3-4-0 standing, the last two games I won by default (no show opponent.)

Sunday. I joined my bro's and sis and momma to my Sister #4's property in Cavite, where she's having built a four-room complex to house workers from the CEPZA. We heard that her place is already being inquired. They plan to finish it by December. On our way back via Coastal Road, they passed by a market (I forget the name) where you could buy fresh sea food then have it cooked there. They bought shrimp and crabs. When I was eating it, medyo weird lang because I thought that the cover of the crab had lots of meat. Hindi pala.

All in all, I think so far this week is the best of the year.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Why I Think Trunks is Gay

1. He wears his hair violet.

2. He wears a bolero.

3. He wears black tank top (showing his cleavage) beneath his bolero.

4. He loves to pose.

5. He is too cute to be true.

6. He's got a buff body, but has never defeated a major opponent.

7. His sword is a definite phallic symbol. (He likes espadahan.)

8. His sword sticks out to compensate for his small bulge (or lack thereof) in front.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dumb Conversation

Him: Dadaan ka ba ng glorietta mamaya?
Me: Yup.
Me: Pero baka sandali lang, kasi may sakit ako.
Him: ... so, hindi ka na dadaan?

Hindi ko alam if na-gets niya yung sinabi ko, or simpleng hindi niya inintindi.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sore Throat

I have sore throat. Sarap kasi mag-suck eh ......

ng Ring Pop. Perverts!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Personnel Manager Strikes Again

You know what infuriates me? It's really her incompetence at handling things. Last Saturday, there was no one at the HR Department because Ma'am GG wasn't able to come to work because of a bad stomach. I saw the Manager in the morning, but when I checked a few minutes after, there was no one there. So what I did was that I arranged the transactions there. And there came a point where the Sales Department had to get important files from the confidential files of the employees. Since she wasn't there, they asked me if they could get the files themselves. I was hesitant because I am not actually authorized now to handle the HR, but I had to agree because it'd be the Sales Marketing Conference soon and they needed information. Bad trip. It turns out that she had her check-up. Punyeta naman kasi eh, mahirap ba ang makiusap na magbantay sa tanggapan niya? Tanga-tanga talaga.

Here's something else. After the Sales Conference, everyone that participated had to go to Glorietta to eat there. The GA that I talked about wasn't there. So I was asked by my boss why he wasn't there. I told him that I didn't know why. Prior to that, I asked her why the GA wasn't invited. She said that he wasn't on the approved list.

Today. I overheard that she's blaming me for not informing her that the boss is looking for the GA. Ako naman, THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?! Eh siya na mismo ang nagsabi na hindi kasama yung GA. Katarantaduhan talaga. She's so fucking incompetent she doesn't deserve her position! They politicized the previous manager and removed him to replace with her. Eh, napaka-walang kwentang kapalit! She clearly doesn't know what she's doing there!

I'm going to grab the opportunity of leaving this fucked-up company. With employees like that who are grossly incompetent (as in to the highest level), I think that their achievements will be all for nothing.


I think I'm having the time of my life. Even though my social ife is still non-existent, I do have other venues to socialize in a geeky kind of way. And contrary to common perception, there are a lot of cute guys where I hang out.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Weird Conversation

I don't know what to make out of this. He also texted me that I might be the one to change his life forever. Bakit, ako ba si Kris ng Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal?

ME: bakit ka pala interesado sa akin
RV: bakit mo naman naitanong kung chubby ba ako?
RV: just call me ronron
RV: ewan ko basta nung na open ko ung profile mo, na cutetan ako sau
ME: ganun
RV: oo

ME: ah
ME: gay ka ba?
RV: nop
ME: eh ano
RV: hindi ko alam
ME: pwede ba yun???
RV: ewan ko
ME: ano preference mo?
ME: guys or girls?
RV: girls
ME: yun pla eh
RV: but nung nakita ko pic mo, biglang...
RV: ewan ko kung bakit

The Self-Healing Robot

I honestly think that man has paved the way for humankind's destruction. Visit the link, and be ready.


Eating Out

The Conference's finally over. I was supposed to give a speech and was already listed, but (fortunately) I wasn't able to give it. After that, all of the guests and participants headed to Glorietta 3 to eat at a fancy restaurant. It was fun eating there. He he he.

Now I have to loose all the toxins in my body.

One more thing, our group was serenaded by this small string band. I really love to learn how to play that cello.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Codename: Marine Vessel

Back in high school I had a classmate whom we tagged as Marine Vessel. We were kinda scared of him because he's a gay-basher. But during our senior year, we discovered his secret.

It turns out that he was into gay fuck, and his partners were some (or just two?) of my classmates also. And they are both officers of the class, and yup, certified gay to the highest level. When I learned about it, I concluded furthere that he was also trucking with our former classmates from another section.

It's just sad that he's trying so hard to hide himself beneath a tough exterior, only to mingle with what he really hated. Ironic.

Now, I think he's to be married to his "girlfriend".

Augh, so sick.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dawn SMS Exchange

Once again, I found myself awake at dawn, unable to continue my slumber. The room was too cold, and I was shivering as I headed for the bathroom to relieve myself. And since I was in the same predicament as in the previous nights, I took my chance and texted my bestfriend - only to find out that he was still awake. Yay!

So I asked him how he was. He said that he was okay, and that he wanted for us to have a get together before Christmas. I said that we could probably meet during the last Friday of the month, which is convenient since it is a Holiday.

And then I asked him if he was ever sexually attracted to someone. (Honestly, I was surprised to ask this to him. It probably was due to the influence of grogginess and dementia. Ha ha ha.) He said yes, and he asked why. I told him about a guy named [M], an MTG player I see often. Everytime I see him, I have this strong urge. But of course I won't do that to him. He he he. But he's really cute.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sister # 4 and Her NEW Lesbian Lover

I just got word that my sister # 4 has a new lesbian lover in Austria, according to my mom and sister # 3.

Incidentally, sister # 3 said, "Baka ikaw ganun rin." Meaning, baka magkaroon ako ng b.f. and then maghiwalay lang kami. I told her naman na wala akong b.f. She said baka sa future. Sabi ko, hindi ako yung type na magkaka-b.f. Anyway, we discussed na sana si sister # 4 ay sinagot na lang si Kuya Rob when they were still in Jordan.

Isa pa, I think that my sitster # 5, the youngest, has a boypren. Why? Whenever I ask for her phone, she keeps on saying teka, then deletes the messages, then hands it over to me. Kalokah dava what's happening to my family.

Buti sila may boyfriend. Ako wala. Ha ha ha. Anyone interested. Madali lang ako kausapin, huwag lang ako ma-bore kung hindi, break na agad kahit one day pa lang. Promise, I will bite ... gently. :D

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sister # 4 and Her Lesbian Lover

My sister who is working in Austria and her lesbian girlfriend/husband, who is studying Nursing here in the Philippines, broke up, according to my sister # 3, the one that I am staying with right now, who got it from our mom. Reason? Lesbian got jealous. My sister # 3 is kinda malandi rin kasi.

Seeing Mars

Who would forget a guy whom you barely know but has invited you for a tryst inside a remote restroom during class back in college, whom you had a crush on then (even almost admitting it to him inside a bar while tipsy during an Org event), and whom you now think looks like Hayden Christensen after not seeing and talking to each other for five years? I know I wouldn't.

I saw him, actually he saw me, when I was inside Starbucks Rob Galleria with my other Magic playing friends. I don't know what made me, but I left my friends and talked with him outside.

He introduced me to his wife (they got married February 2006), and his adorable, equally handsome kid.

It probably was five minutes, but when he left, I was genuinely happy. Suddenly, it was as if all the other guys I've come to notice didn't matter anymore.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

An All Saint's Day Affair

I was able to rest longer yesterday since it was a Special Holiday.
Anyway, a weird thing happened. I had to go out to get some medicine for the katulong of my sister. As I stood there waiting for a jeep, there was this cyclist who passed by, and when I looked at him, he smiled at me. I mean, WHAT? WHY ARE YOU SMILING LIKE THAT?! Nope, he wasn't cute at all. But there are cute, nice-bodied cyclists going to work (non blue- or white-) every morning along Pasong Tamo Extension. (UPDATE: I mentioned this to Joms. He said na baka natawa sa akin yung cyclist. Baka nga.)
I also asked saleslady friend of mine ot buy me the three gay magazines L, ICON, and VALENTINO. I said that a gay friend is asking me to buy it for him.

I also wrote on my personal journal the thoughts I've had for someone lately. I heeded the advice of Joms to keep things within the confines of "business".

My best bud recently changed his number since he got a new plan from Globe. I guess he also got a new phone.