Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Transient

Sa loob ng sampung taon mula 1997, marami na pala akong lugar na napuntahan sa Metro Manila at Greater Manila Area. Hindi rin pala ako napirmi sa bahay namin sa San Juan. I have shown on the map the places I've lived at or been to.

Ano ang gusto kong ipahiwatig? Hindi pala ako mapakali sa iisang lugar lang. Naikot ko na halos ang dapat maikot dito sa Metro Manila at karatig pook, pero hindi ko pa rin mahanap ang iisang lugar na pwedeng pirmihan.

Monday, May 28, 2007


My trip to Lingayen was more than a visit. It became a link to my past.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed

I have a straight friend whom I haven't talked with for some time now. Kamustahan ng una, the usual updates. As our conversation progressed, nagulat na lang ako when he shared his problem with me. Since I promised not to tell anyone else about his issue, I'm not going to mention what it is. (Sorry guys, he's not gay, and he doesn't know that I am one.)

I asked him why he decided to tell everything to me, despite his having friends and family. Well, he admitted that he didn't feel like telling anyone else since he believed that they won't understand him. Nagulat ako doon. I've known him ever since as having people with whom he could share his thoughts with. I asked him ulit, why me? He said that he read my blog (not this) before and somehow felt comfortable sharing his issue with me.

And so right now, I'm helping him with his dilemma. One thing led to another and we found each other holdi- I'm currently supporting him emotionally because he trusted me, and I understand (daw) what he's going through.

I now understand what Joms said. Masarap nga ang makatulong na nagsimula sa blog.

Ironic, that sometimes I cannot even help myself, and yet here I am, willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who asks for it. I seriously think there is something wrong with me. Do not get me wrong though, despite my recent troubles, I AM OKAY.

Going back to the guy, marami rin naman akong na-discover/re-discover about me. Things too trivial for me to discuss here.

I once thought that the phrase "A friend in need is a friend indeed" was something negative. To me it meant user-friendliness (a Pinoy corruption of the same phrase, originally meant to convey ease of use for the one who needs it (mostly a thing)), someone who needs assistance gets suspiciously cozy with you to obtain it. Hindi pala. It should mean that a true friend is someone who is there for you during your times of trouble, and if I may add, even if their assistance is not solicited (sometimes).

Sa tingin ko naman, sa pagkakataong ito, ako naman ang naging kaibigan sa isang taong nangangailangan. Puro na lang ako kasi ang humihingi nga suporta. Nakapagpapataas ng morale, lalo na sadsad ito ng mga nagdaang araw.

Okay, tama na, I should just shut up and die. :D

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Max Theiriot


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pag-Ibig (o Libog) Nga Naman

I think I wrote about discovering that the Sales Manager is gay. Well, last Tuesday, I had solid proof as to who the object of his affection is.

It turns out that the guy has had a history of NEGLECT OF DUTY violations. The first incident I read about was that they apparently lost the entire monetray contents of the cash register when he was still assigned to one of the bigger outlets. Violations of that sort means dismissal. I just wondered why the guy's name was cleared of the incident, knowing that they were responsible for the store.

The second again involved money. It was in the same outlet. They lost part of the sales. He didn't acknowledge the mistake and made excuses. Anyway, the Sales Manager transferred him to another outlet instead.

The last incident involved a refilling of a fire extinguisher. The Sales Manager literally defended the guy by saying that he was tricked by the fire extinguisher sales guy. There was a memo, stating that the penalty for this NEGLECT OF DUTY is dismissal, however, he recommended that the guy be suspended for two days only. Ang tanga-tanga naman nung guy, hindi muna nag-isip na tumawag dito sa opisina para tanungin kung may naka-schedule na ganun.

Now, if this is not a means to protect his love interest, then I don't know what it is.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baclaran Revisited

(Image courtesy of

After so many, many years, yesterday I found my way to Baclaran Church (Mother of Perpetual Help) because I wanted to ease my burden and I didn't know where else to go. It was raining, but it really didn't stop me from going. There were a lot of peeople, since it was a Wednesday. Since there was no place else to sit, instead I stood by a door near the altar.

Binuhos ko na duon ang lahat-lahat
, all my sadness, all my joys, and all my sufferings. I asked for forgiveness for all that I have done wrong, and I also asked for help to strengthen me in times to come.

When I left, I felt better, even if I know that things will never be the same again.

ESP Profile

Hi, I took's ESP Test, and here is what I got.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Are You Mad at Me, O God?

I've been thinking, Lord.
There's a new tribulation
in my life.
And looking back, I have
had nothing else but.
What is it that I have failed
to do to offend You?

Have I forgotten
to thank You?

I am hurting, Lord.
But if this is Your way
to prepare me
for a new challenge,
who am I to complain?

Death is better than despair,
and I, in my despair,
am like dying.

Are You mad at me, O God?
Despite our differences,
I still run back to you
and I offer


because I know
that there is joy in suffering,
and I believe that in the end
that I will be
at peace.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why Are Jeepney Drivers Bobo?

I mean, come on. I bet anyone who's been riding the jeepney had at least one bad experience. Just this morning, I rode a jeepney to work. I was supposed to debark near McDonald's Pasong Tamo, but this stupid jeepney driver beat the red light, and I had to walk a good distance back to the corner of Pasong Tamo and Buendia.

Every single day, they are the main cause of traffic jams. They stop when you expect them to go, and they go when you tell them to stop. Is there a culture of stupidity among them? What is so not understandable about simple instructions?

Has the air pollution that they themselves caused hazed their brains so much that it clouded their brains completely?

I also believe that they are one of the most selfish groups of the working class. Why? Lagi silang nag-uunahan, at the risk of their passenger's lives, para lang makakuha ng ibang pasahero (quesehodang puno na ang jeep), naharangan na nila ang ibang motorista, o di kaya'y makabangga sila ng tao o ng ibang sasakyan.

Tapos magrereklamo silang hinuhuli sila ng walang dahilan? Mga gago!

Jeepney drivers, along with taxi drivers, ought to be fined a hefty penalty for violating traffic rules! Walang disiplina ang mga hinayupak na 'yan.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cabugao Sunset

Over the weekend and into last Monday, I vacationed at Ilocos Sur with friends. This photo was taken Saturday evening during our dinner.