Friday, December 14, 2007

To Vomit or Not to Vomit

I wanted to vomit at work a while ago, though I'm not sure why. Must be the lunch I had, or maybe the Christmas party song(s) that kept playing, or simply because of the stupid co-workers that I have. Well, I didn't vomit, so it must not be because of what I listed.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Doing It Again

I've done something today which I haven't done for some time now, and that is I went out alone. I spent my afternoon at Megamall, after briefly passing by Robinsons' Galleria. I was supposed to go out with my friends at Trinoma, but it seems that no one is interested, except for two people. It was, however, too late to meet, and so I decided to set of alone.

Anyway, so I tried looking for a USB Bluetooth device, but it seems that the shops don't have it, until I got to Octagon Computers. I bought it and then decided to go drop by Megamall.

I went to the Cyberzone of Mega B, checking all the things that I want, I also paid for my "anomalous" phone bill. Then I went to Datablitz, where I can't decide whether to buy that Civ 4 or some other game. I'd probably borrow an RPG or RTS from someone else, Civ 4 seems to have lost its novelty. Hay.

You know, masarap din ulit ang maging mapag-isa. It's like losing all the care in the world. I let myself drift, and relive my old life. Not that I hate my current life. It's the great feeling of escape and just being my childish self was I able to unwind.

How I miss it.