Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hard Headed

This happened just a few hours ago, and I had to write it down lest I forget what I feel about the situation the next time I write. I had to let this out.

You see, our department was tasked with the design of the Sales Department's Christmas Party that was held today. Muntik ng mabulilyaso because of the actions of my co-worker with whom I have having a difficult time working with the past few days, in fact, the last few months. Matigas talaga ang kanyang ulo, and she seems oblivious to the repercussions of what she fails to do.

The party was scheduled to start at about 7:30 or 8 PM. At 6 PM, we were still not halfway with the design of the venue. I was panicking because the Manager will surely get mad because of delay. It was a good thing that there were a lot of other Sales and Warehouse people who were there to help us.

We were supposed to leave early, at about 2 PM, to have finished everything on time. When I told her that some people were already getting anxious, she replied that she were waiting for the other Secretary of my boss so that we could take the other secretary to help us with the design. Meanwhiile, the other Senior Sales Manager was getting frustrated because it was past 3 PM and we were still there. Kinakabahan na ako kanina talaga, and I know that the other Sales people were already growing mad with her. I know that papagalitan kami, but there was nothing I could do because she doesn't want to move without the other girl.

To cut the story short, she finally moved when pressed by the Sales Supervisor and we were able to finish the design of the venue just in time. When the Manager came, we were just doing the finishing touches.

I learned during the past few months, and through Vanity Fair, not to play the Blame Game, or the Blame Card. In recent months I stood by my decisions with conviction, even if it went against the norm. But this time, I had to point my finger at her, because if not for her, we would have finished the whole thing with time to spare for preparing with the other details of the party. Although I am grateful for all the people's help, I am not happy with what happened because I am not satisfied with the process of decorating the place. I am not proud of it.

I blame myself for not having done more, 'ika nga, to have been more proactive in dealing with this situation. I could have gone ahead, and could have done a lot more to save time.

I talked with the people there, and explained my side. In a way, I am glad they do not blame me.

This Saturday, our company will be having our Warehouse party. I took under my wings the responsibility of managing the stage design. I promise myself that I will not get mired in problems like that of the fiasco today.

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