Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Do' svidaniya, DD

He said I was the first one whom he told about this, but I'm assuming that this is only for our Team. I know I'm not supposed to write about this yet, but it just saddens me.

DD, a friend and a former officemate, is leaving this month for Dubai to seek greener pastures. Unlike Billydee whose family migrated some years back to the U.S., DD is working abroad as an OFW.

His story is a whirlwind "romance" of sort. He was given short notice for his departure. DD was "promised" that the job he'd have was due early next year. To his surprise, he was advised that he's leaving immediately, just a week after he signed his papers.

Just like most Pinoys struggling day-to-day to survive and eat decent meals a day, DD was forced to seek, shall we say, a more rewarding source of income. Not that his family is dirt poor. I'm assuming that he has dreams that he wants to fulfill soon and working in a foreign land would speed things up.

But sigh, my heart bleeds for all OFW's, especially for DD whom I never thought would have to experience this.

Okay, I think I have to turn away now.

[here, DD is kinda sad so I asked him]

DD: nothing's wrong nga eh
DD: gus2 ko naman tlaga mka pag abroad
DD: di ko lng expect na ganun kabilis
me: ohhh
DD: sa dubai
me: wow
DD: nxt wk na alis ko
me: ay talaga?
me: wala bang farewell party??
me: nga pla ano job mo dun?
DD: yun nga eh
DD: ikaw pa lng nasabihan ko
me: ah ok tnx
me: lungkot naman aalis ka na
DD: sales engineer
me: gano raw katagal?
DD: wala man lng ako time
DD: na mag paalam sa mga
DD: friends ko..
DD: sobrang biglaan..
DD: asap kc request ng employer sakin
me: well may YM tsaka email naman
me: dont forget to send us pics okay?
DD: sure!
DD: [r3dguy] wag mo muna
DD: sbhin ha?
DD: mag bblast na lng ako b4 ako umalis
me: oo naman
me: u can count on me :D
me: so how long will it last?
me: kalungkot pala
DD: 2 years contract ko
me: he he
DD: pero renewable
me: alam mo yung feeling na aalis yung relative mo
me: ah talaga?
me: eh di do good para tumagal abroad
me: ang masasabi ko lang gd luck tsaka ingat ka dun
DD: kaka sad tlaga
DD: kc last sat lng ako nainterview
DD: tpos offer na agad
DD: di ko pa nga agad sign contract kc
DD: pnag iicpan ko pa
DD: sbi kc aftr xmas na
DD: alis or early jan
DD: w/c is good sana
DD: then nung monday nag sign na ko
DD: tpos sbi sa dec 15 na alis ko
DD: pina medical ako agad..
DD: tpos yun pinakita nga
DD: sakin yung request ng employer
DD: asap nkalagay sa side ng name ko..
DD: sobrang bilis...
DD: di man ako nkapag ready
me: ha
me: eh pano yung mga papers mo?
me: visa, etc.,
DD: binigay ko nga nung monday
DD: now nka process na
DD: 3 days lng nman processing
DD: and ni rush tlaga nila.
DD: importante neman kc medical
DD: yun ok na medical ko kaya
DD: good to go na ko..
me: hala
me: good to go
me: :((
me: mabilisan talaga
me: he he he
me: hmm ok ba yung company na papasukan mo?
DD: yeah, ok naman
DD: search ko nga sa internet eh
DD: it's one of the leading companies sa dubai
DD: sa field ng electrical & electronic eqpt
me: good
me: he he
me: ingat ka na lang sa mga arabo dun
DD: haha!
DD: oo nga eh..
me: tsaka sa mga pinoy who will try to bring you down
me: :D
DD: pero ok namn daw sa dubai
DD: kc i hv friends and some relatives na nandun na
me: wow eh di good for you
me: at least maaalis ang kaunting loneliness
me: he he he
me: tsaka sisikat ka dun
DD: oo nga
DD: pero ngayon pa lng
me: kasi kamukha mo si gino baka akalain nila artista ka
me: :))
DD: parang sad na ko...
DD: hahaha!
me: eh sad tlaga kasi maiiwan mo kame
me: :))
DD: syempre naman...
DD: walang spammers dun
me: ha ha
DD: hahaha
me: wahahahaha
me: san ka titira dun
me: may parang dorm kayo dun

[end of conversation]


monja! said...

This is sad... I thought his latest job here was doing great.. enough such that he wouldn't have to go out of the country.
I do hope that everything goes well for him. It would have been nice if we had a sort of get together for something like this.
When he tells you that it's okay to broadcast this news, give him my regards and that I wish him well. Thanks

r3dguy said...

.of course monja! i will. i'll miss our "celebrity" teammate though.