Friday, October 14, 2005

Looking Back

I'm not sure what rules of the universe apply to me, but what I am sure of is that my choices are not what I usually get. Some are bad, but looking back, others turned out to be good.

First would be about my workplace. I said before that I didn't want to work here in Makati. But look where I am at now. Yun nga lang, nasa dulo ako ng Ayala, which is good because food, health, leisure, banking, and transportation institutions are very accessible.

Second, I said also before that I didn't want to work in call center. As expected though, I worked for one there in Pasig. Though I didn't like the job, I persevered none the less, and resigned after seven months on the Top 10 list, with handling time of slightly over 4 minutes. That is something I am proud of. The workplace is also accessible.

Last, having accepted the fact that I wouldn't fine someone within the 20-24 age bracket, I looked up for 25-30 years old people. Unfortunately, they're either taken, married, or looking for someone younger than 25. What's worse is that I kept on "meeting" people younger than me. I laugh at myself. They're all "immature" (sorry for the lack of term), with probably a few exceptions like Gerumatori.

I welcomed 2005 with much hesitation. When I was in Vigan, there was this obdurate feeling of dread. And it's fucking haunting me until now. Well, we're on the last quarter of the year. If what someone told me is correct, things would fairly be looking better. I do hope so.

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