Saturday, October 22, 2005

Is She Hitting On Me?

I'm here at the office. Just a few minutes ago, a female supervisor said: "[My name], payakap nga."

I replied "Ganon?!"


She's the same person who asked me to teach her computer, and when I asked which applications, she replied "Lahat." with matching smoky eyes.

Damn. I think some guys would gladly trade places with me right now.

Hmm. But if it were a guy who looked like the one I saw on a Cagayan de Oro video sex scandal last night, why not? Ü

But, alas, malas.


Punks said...

When we meet,care to burn me a copy of that sex scandal. Sounds interesting kasi eh. Lol.

ennui said...

me too! hehehe

teka, baka mamaya IKAW yung nasa video ha!

billydee said...

If she's hot and single and has no excess baggage, I'd gladly trade places with you! Just kidding. :D

r3dguy said...

.trippy, ennui: he he he. okay. i tell you the guy is HOT, well at least by my standards. i'll make a screen capture of his face and mail it to you. :D

.billydee: she's separated i think from her husband. and what do you exactly mean by excess baggage?

billydee said...

Excess baggage: just like what you've described her. She's separated from her husband. Probably she has kids too. Those are excess baggages. I don't want to trouble myself with those kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

.billydee: okay.