Monday, October 17, 2005

Invasion of Privacy Part 2

So when my officemate arrived, I confronted him about it. All he did was to smile probably because they were caught off-guard. Of course he has an accomplice. I can only think of one person who has this big grudge on me: MV, the forty-something bitch of a secretary.

This act just confirmed the real her.

Okay, I admit that I chat with my friends during office hours. But it's as if I am the only one who does that here. Before my advent at the office, their computers were already installed with Yahoo! Messenger. Alangan namang tinitignan nila kung paano na-program yun, eh hindi naman sila programmer?

I really don't know why she acts that way. I avoid her as much as possible. When I got the job that I have right now, her work has been reduced because part of the research and also the checking of supplier e-mails have now become part of my responsibilty. And she isn't even grateful for that.

I have talked with several people here at the office. They say she didn't have any friends here ever since because of her attitutde. I'm glad though, that I have the understanding of my superiors. Their advice: ignore her.

I just can't believe that she would stoop down to that level. Her actions speaks of someone marked with arrogance, envy, and insecurities. Sometimes I wonder how I bring out the worst out of people.

If you're asking why I don't give her the benefit of the doubt, my answer is: why should I? As I've said, since the first day that I stepped into this office, I can feel her evilness.

I am proud of myself for handling this so far.

The bad news is it has reached the ear of some high authorities here. What I am worried about is the day when it reaches the ear of my boss.

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